To the teenage girl who wants to date my son….

To the girl who wants to date my teenage son, The inevitable has finally happened; my son wants to date. Wait, wasn’t it just yesterday that I celebrated my son’s 3rd birthday… complete with a cupcake to the face and streamers? Didn’t we just take his first day of middle-school picture off the fridge? But… Continue reading To the teenage girl who wants to date my son….

THIS changes everything

If we don't take time to mourn what's left behind, we aren't giving it the proper recognition it once occupied in our hearts

Traveling solo?

I don't know about you, but my calendar seems to be so full that it's on the brink of of having it's OWN meltdown.  How does this always happen?  January 1st rolls around and I'm so excited that the kiddos are returning to school soon and my calendar is a pretty, white color because very… Continue reading Traveling solo?

Friday funny: why I’m going back to middle school.

For the love...back to school seems to be more exhausting for parents than for the children...find out why!