THIS changes everything

If we don't take time to mourn what's left behind, we aren't giving it the proper recognition it once occupied in our hearts

One thing you MUST know about “meantimes”

Sometimes it's hard when a door of opportunity shuts unexpectedly, or at least in a way we didn't didn't see coming. Sometimes the sound of the door can even hurt or sting for some time. Some of us may sit and stare at the door for too long, hoping it opens again. Others may spend precious… Continue reading One thing you MUST know about “meantimes”

Why we don’t take any credit

I hate praise.  No wait... I kind of love it but I kind of hate it... I love being acknowledged but I cringe at the attention.  Do they really know?  Do they know when I've done something well that I don't really think it was all that great?  Someone does it better?  If they knew… Continue reading Why we don’t take any credit