Lets partner together!

I’d love to come and help equip, inspire, encourage or just share stories with you!  Whether it’s group of women or teens gathered for a retreat, meeting or a conference… I’m passionate about speaking life into your organization.  Let’s build bridges together!  Topics include:

-Freedom in our Identity

-Purpose/ Encouragement

-Navigating Social Media: “Communicating with Conviction”

-Living a faith-filled life in Today’s culture

Please contact me (below) with your location, event details, date and theme.  I’m based out of Austin Texas but with a great mug of coffee and a playlist, I can get myself to most places.  I look forward to hearing from you!


02/21/18    Austin Christian Fellowship .         Austin, TX

04/21/18    Women’s retreat                              Round Rock, TX



Previous engagements….

02/12/17     Heart to Heart                                     Austin, TX 

03/24/17    Heart to Heart                                      Austin, TX

04/12/17    CWC workshop                                     Austin, TX

06/14/17    She Gathers                                           Austin, TX

06/28/17    She Gathers                                           Austin, TX

07/12/17    She Gathers                                           Austin, TX

10/01/17   Austin Christian Fellowship Youth    Austin, TX