Sometimes it just takes coffee

I have a confession to make… The older I get, I become a bit more of an introvert.  As I type that, I swear there are casinos in Vegas who have just shuttered their doors because they paid out all of those who took odds against it.  I mean, we’re talking “life of the party”…… Continue reading Sometimes it just takes coffee

How to “keep the peace” in 2017

Amidst the season of new beginnings, new regimens and resolutions, I thought it would only be fitting to address some of the most popular ones that many of us are hoping to achieve in 2017. I won’t be tackling dieting, working out or getting healthy because quite frankly, I’m the one signing up to learn…… Continue reading How to “keep the peace” in 2017

3 “Drop the mic”moments you need as a parent.

Hello dear friends and web BFF’s… how I’ve missed the writing!  I got enough sleep last night and can actually write a coherent thought today so voila, I’m back for your “Friday funny” episode of some real-life practices we all need.  If you were hoping to get some really spiritually deep stuff then you’ll need…… Continue reading 3 “Drop the mic”moments you need as a parent.

One thing you MUST know about “meantimes”

Sometimes it’s hard when a door of opportunity shuts unexpectedly, or at least in a way we didn’t didn’t see coming. Sometimes the sound of the door can even hurt or sting for some time. Some of us may sit and stare at the door for too long, hoping it opens again. Others may spend precious…… Continue reading One thing you MUST know about “meantimes”