Let’s make simple, simple again

It’s day 2 of summer and I’m fighting the urge to mark days off a calendar until school is back in session.   Then that voice kicks in…gosh darn, I know it’s God and He’s telling me “enJOY the moment,” and “life is short,” and “remember you were the one sniffing how fast your kids were growing and your time left with them was rapidly accelerating?”  Yes.  Yes, God…I’m acutely aware I said all of that….but I said those things when they were sleeping.  (They were quiet…and cute….and not asking me why we weren’t riding unicorns on a magical adventure the first hour of summer break.)

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.25.15 PM

I mean…first hour?  Are we really having the “money doesn’t grow on trees and I’m not a unicorn rancher” discussion?  Already?

I’m writing this with a looming deadline of camp pick-up time.  It’s at my own church so I really can’t pull the late card here.  Yes….yes… I put them in camp.  Just about every week in June because I couldn’t face the unicorn and confetti requests just yet.

“No, just because we are passing a 7-11 doesn’t mean I’m stopping there for slurpees.”

“No, I can’t just drop what I’m doing, pick up 7 of your friends and drive you 45 minutes away so you can jump into a swimming hole again…like you did yesterday…. so you can get new video of it.”

“No.  I don’t know where you left your sopping wet bathing suit that you stripped off in an unknown location.  Go sniff for mold and you might find it.”

I can’t.  I can’t do 78 days of this.

So I’m goin’ simple.

I’m giving my kids lots of opportunity to have things to write about when they are back in school.

We will have lists.  They will involve chores.

We might have clean laundry.  We might not.

There will be many days you will dig to the depths of your closet to find toys you forgot you had.  Toys you just HAD to have…special trips to Target…remember those?  You’ll be reintroduced to those toys.

You’ll get sunburned, I’ll probably forget you had to be somewhere for something.  You’ll be dirty.

You’ll learn how to make juice popsicles and probably master Top Ramen & Mac n Cheese for the summer.

I’ll put you to work…. my oldest will learn how to test the pool and my youngest will become a world-class duster.

We will set out on PLANNED days to discover a new lake or go see a 2nd run movie.

You’ll get invited places and IF they work for our family, of course you’ll be free to go.

You’ll learn that blue koolaid makes your poop turn blue.

If we whine, we’ll probably get book reports assigned and have to complete one of our brother’s chores.

Mostly because I don’t want to hate summer.  But mostly because if I take away the unicorns, then we are left enjoying one another.

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 3.28.02 PM

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