Traveling solo?


I don’t know about you, but my calendar seems to be so full that it’s on the brink of of having it’s OWN meltdown.  How does this always happen?  January 1st rolls around and I’m so excited that the kiddos are returning to school soon and my calendar is a pretty, white color because very little has been written in……yet.

Oh, a few things we need to establish here:

  • Our family thrives in routine so yes, we are ALL excited for school to return; with the exception of appallingly early mornings.
  • The first few months of the calendar year are truly empty in our home; with the 3 boys God has blessed us with, two are in tackle football while the other is in the theatre arts which means December is overloaded with playoffs & Nutcracker rehearsals/performances.  Add Christmas to the mix and we are in full low-voltage recovery mode when January rolls around

These two factors really do contribute to a lovely start to the year… easy-does-it, lots of boundaries… a slow roll if you will.

But just like a new-years resolution, come March, I’m flying around like a farmer’s chicken with his head cut off and wondering “how exactly did I manage to get here?”  I could spend a WEEK writing about one of the biggest deceptions of our times; the need to be busy but that’s not what I’m driving at today.  Because when I look at my calendar, I see it overwhelmed with the exact things I felt God was putting on my heart for this year.

Now that looks different for everyone but while I’m in the thick of it, I find myself looking up and asking “how in the world am I going to get all of this done?”

“With me,” he always replies.

You see I think God knew precisely what he was doing this Spring when he completely overwhelmed my calendar and I was forced to count on Him to show up DAILY and help me pull off the things HE asked of me.  (And if y’all aren’t chuckling at that last statement, go re-read… as if God rolls the dice his plans and says “hmmm…let’s see if THIS works.”)

I’m coming up on some really big deadlines and in my weakness, I distract myself with a billion other things EXCEPT what I’m supposed to be doing.  (Ahem, pay no attention to the 7 browsers on my computer open to outdoor patio furniture, a conference schedule, Puerto Rico tourism and more….)

Or, I run around stressed out and snapping at everyone because OBVIOUSLY the world didn’t get the memo that I AM OVERWHELMED.  And it’s that quick that I forget my position in all of this…. when I take on the stress and hurriedness of my schedule, I’m exalting myself as WAY more capable or in control than I am….and I’m squeezing God out of the picture.

Thankfully this morning I plopped myself down on the couch after the house was quiet and opened my bible to 1 Samuel 2.  It took every muscle in my body not to just run for the computer but that still small voice seemed to be pulling me to just sit…and be.  Sure enough… I received the very comfort I needed this morning to turn my direction away from myself….

“The Lord kills and makes alive; He brings down to the grave and brings up… He brings low and lifts up…. to set THEM among princes” (and princesses, I add.)

I felt like if I was doing the things that God was asking me to do…. speak to the people he was asking me to speak to….sharing, comforting, meeting, taking care of, finding, selecting, writing, helping…. ALL that he has asked me to do…. then HE was paving the way…. I simply had to partner and walk the path…

blog river

HE was making the way…. HE was preparing the road…. HE was leaving markers as to when to turn left or right….HE would lift up or settle down…. HE.

Well, I don’t know about you, but knowing I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR PULLING THIS “LIFE THING” OFF BY MYSELF is a huge burden lifted.  I like knowing that if I just follow HIm…he’s got this.  It’s not on me….the failures or the success…. I’m just a partner in His big plan.

As it is with you, my friend.  Stop traveling solo & partner with the One who knows the way…even in your mundane…even in your mountains.  Let Him carry your load today. And then look for miraculous…..

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