Breaking down the story of Enimem (aka M&M)

4459c-psalm_46_10_be_still_and_know_that_i_am_god_poster-r7df22c8b66484697bfcbd35016ebb3a4_wv0_8byvr_324(Repost from days past, but so good I had to bring out the vintage!)

I’m not a morning person.  Period.

The funny thing is, I’m really not a late night person either.  I’m kind of a 8-5 kind of gal.  By 8 am I’ve had two cups of dark coffee and by about five in the afternoon, I’m ready for my hubby to come home and take the reins.  Yet, in spite of my “bear to somewhat functioning adult ” morning disposition, God blesses me with a 3rd child who is a morning person.

More like a Rooster.

Which means that when HE wakes up with his brothers at 6:25 a.m., we end up together from 7:10 am after the bus departs from our street all the way until 9am when his preschool starts.  Precious time… I know… I know… but lets face it moms, when you finally have a child in preschool you’ve already HAD PLENTY of precious moments with your child.   Sure, we’ve developed routines; making banana bread, 17 games of Uno, coloring, etc.  I would be lying if I didn’t tell you I wasn’t fully caught up on the lives of the Little Einsteins as well.

But, I do try and make sure we begin our time together by snuggling on the couch and reading out of my son’s Beginner Bible.  It’s a multitude of wins for us; more couch time for me to suck down a cup of coffee, getting my mind set on the word of God (because clearly there is not much in there at 6:20 am) and to ensure my son is getting HIS mind in perspective.

(Better than a bookmark… a cup of caffeine to read the word of God)

My 4-year old has also been reading since he turned 3 so I use this as time for him to read to me.  I usually can’t find my glasses this early in the morning either, so it all works out.  He just loves the old testament stories- don’t all little boys?  Today, however, I decided to break open the new testament and it landed on Mary & Martha.  My son wanted nothing to do with a story about two girls in a kitchen but I promised him the story of Jericho if he would listen to Mary & Martha first.


For those of you not familiar with the story, let me give you the Cliff Notes version.  I realize this dates me because they aren’t even called that anymore but ROLL WITH ME PEEPS….

“There were two sisters, Mary & Martha, who were friends with Jesus.  (They also had a brother Lazarus.) Jesus announced he was coming over to visit and upon his arrival, Martha got very busy preparing for his visit and making a meal.  Even though they were friends, they knew him as the Messiah and so of course it was a big deal that he was coming over.  When Jesus arrived he sat down in the living room and began to chat with the people in the house.  Martha was in and out of the kitchen, feverishly working to cook (no microwave or Trader Joe’s appetizers available) and ensure the table was set properly.  Her younger sister Mary, sat at Jesus feet and just enjoyed the conversation.  Big sister Martha just about blows a gasket in frustration and finally pipes up to Jesus, “Hey, can you tell Mary to get off her tush and help me out?  Can’t you see I’m sweating it out in here by myself?”  Jesus responds, “Martha…. you don’t need to stress out.  Mary is actually the one who has this figured out.”

Now, if you are really into theology and biblical studies, you may want to read the actual scriptures which can be found in Luke 10:38-42

My son and I finish the story and before I give him the satisfaction of Jericho, I ask him what he thought the story of Mary & Martha meant.  His answer nearly blew me off my cushion.

“If you are too busy you won’t be able to hear what Jesus is saying.”

Well, a 4-year old is breaking down the very message of that story in a way I have never heard it explained.  Oh sure, I have always identified with Martha:
  • I’m a “doer”… and “doers” are movers and shakers.
  • I’m Martha…I’m responsible, resourceful… people won’t eat if I’m not in there making it (or heating it up out of the package.)
  • I’m the one who gets stuff done… I can’t sit down… Mary is going to be living at home forever…she has no drive or ambition.  #slacker
But for my child (remember, God calls us to have “child-like faith”) to simply point out that when we get too busy, we can’t hear Jesus talk.  Wow.
I’ve really wrestled with this over the course of this week.  With kiddos in today’s culture it really isn’t that shocking to assume there are a lot of carpools, practices, choir concerts, parent meetings, weekend games and more that compete for my time.  But how often do I ….
Very rarely.  In fact, I’m guilty of admitting that most of the time, my “be still” time is when I’m dead asleep. This is just not my default posture.  This was not Martha’s default.  Please don’t misunderstand the point of my message… it’s actually one that should inspire us.  If you are a Martha… ROCK your Martha… plan the best parties, post on Pinterest, create…. do… serve… move… make it happen!!!!
Just know… and take my son’s advice… “We can’t always hear God when we’re moving and shaking.” Sometimes we need to stop.  Get in the room where God is speaking and listen.
It reminds me of my middle son who gets so frustrated when he misses a question on a test because he didn’t slow down to read all the way through the problem.  When we slow down, we allow our brain to rest; it’s at those times, God can speak the loudest.  How many of you get your best ideas in the shower?  Because as moms, its the ONLY TIME BESIDES PEEING THAT WE GET PEACE AND QUIET!!!
So dear Marthas….. tell me one way you can slow down to hear God’s beautiful voice today?  He might want to give you the answer to prayer you’ve been waiting for… the perfect solution to a problem you’ve been wrestling with…. inspiration for your next project…. whatever it is- tell me about it here and share your thoughts with the rest of us.  I’m so thankful you will.

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