What are you training for?


Chances are, that’s a tough question to immediately answer for most of us… in fact, I bet if I asked you that question, it might really throw you off guard.

The truth is, most of us are waiting to be put in the game before we have even logged any time in the training room.

Yep, that will sting just a little.  How do I know?  When I stumbled upon the notes I was taking today… I connected the dots and realized how true this was in areas of my own life.

Let me back that up, this was actually a conversation we’ve been having with our teenage son over the last few months.  And while I don’t specifically mean to equate you with a 14 year old who’s in the throes of puberty, there are some life principles I believe we can all glean from.

  1. There is rarely such thing as instant pay off.   I think in today’s world we are so consumed by instant success or results.  We can lose 30 pounds in 30 days, gain 100,000 Instagram followers in 5 easy steps and well, become a millionaire anytime the Powerball is drawn.  But the reality is that “pay off” only comes from hard work and investment.  Investment may mean time, repetition, practice or a variety of things but very rarely is it instant. To abide in the biblical principle of “sowing and reaping” sets you up for success in not only the outcome, but your expectations.
  2. Training doesn’t always have to be hard, but it IS work.  It is about effort here but it is going to look different for everyone.  Why?  God created us all…equal…but different.  So what comes easy to you may be excruciatingly complex or confusing to me.  (Algebra, word problems or instructions from Ikea, to name a few.)   I know I have to be careful to make sure I don’t confuse “hard” with “scary” or “fear.”  Maybe you feel the nudge to make a transition in what you are doing and while that might be scary….prepping or training for it doesn’t have to be “hard.”
  3. Put yourself in a position of “ready” when you are called up.  The easiest association I have is an athlete; not one of them dreams of holding down the bench.  In fact, while most athletes are happy to be on the team, they train with the desire play and perform like an MVP.  But not only must that athlete have the right gear and be in good shape…. they are continually in the practice of sharpening their skill.  It reminds me of Clint Gresham, the former Long Snapper of the Seattle Seahawks, whom we had the pleasure of knowing for the short duration of our time in Seattle.  Although he was released from the roster, he disciplined himself to training and improving his skills in the event he is called up again.  

I think it’s also worth mentioning that training is a life-long application.  We should never take the position that we have “it all figured out” or that we are “done working.”  Until we graduate from this earth (and I hope y’all have a ticket “up”) we are a work in progress.  WORK-in-progress.  Let us fix both our eyes and heart with joy and anticipation to run our race…and train diligently in the process.

Some of my personal favorite “training” books:


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