3 “Drop the mic”moments you need as a parent.

Hello dear friends and web BFF’s… how I’ve missed the writing!  I got enough sleep last night and can actually write a coherent thought today so voila, I’m back for your “Friday funny” episode of some real-life practices we all need.  If you were hoping to get some really spiritually deep stuff then you’ll need to read my mid-week post when I’m not nearly as snarky as I am on Fridays.  By Friday lunch-time, the countdown to the weekend has begun which means the following is about to happen:

  • my children will get off the bus without homework
  • unlimited screen time is allowed
  • THERE IS NO ALARM TOMORROW MORNING!screen-shot-2016-09-30-at-1-02-20-pm

I often giggle when I think that in my 40’s I look forward to these things instead of heading out on the town.  (Duh, that was SO like 20 years ago.)  Now, it’s all about, “at what hour is it socially acceptable to change in to my pajamas for the night?”  Oh wait, I’m still IN my pajamas!

Okay readers, so while I’m in the spirit of wittiness, Friday afternoon freedom and 4 days of pent-up writer’s block due to absolute lack of sleep, let me drop 3 more truth bombs for you…so that you too can enjoy “no-waistline” freedom as a parent.

1. Stop replying to your kid’s school-time texts.

No seriously.  And people, I’m so guilty of it too, but honestly, when did we become on-line chat operators here to help our children with any life customer-service issues they might need?  “Mom, can I have a sleepover?”  “Mom, can you bring my charger?”  “Mom, I need $5.”  As hard as it is, they only do this because WE RUN UP THERE AND DO IT FOR THEM!  Do you know what happened when I forgot gym clothes?  I ran around the athletic field in my pegged jeans and members only jacket and sweated like a friggin pig.  I don’t think I forgot my gym clothes one single day after that.  Ummmm…besides, aren’t you supposed to be in SCHOOL while you are texting me?  Just ignore…it will seem like an irritating solicitor who won’t stop calling at first but they’ll give up eventually…and you’ll stop having your attention jerked around every 12.2 minutes.

2. Drop the 1950’s dinner routine every once in awhile.

Now this is freedom for me… I actually crave and love that in my home, we prioritize dinner as a family.  Even though I have 3 busy boys, we are fortunate enough that we can still gather around the dinner table as a family at least 3 nights a week during football season.  But on the days we can’t, I don’t try to pull off a rainbow-colored meal with all of food groups represented.  (If my husband were reading he’d probably be asking “um, babe, when have you EVER cooked a rainbow-colored dinner?”  I’m notorious for not thinking through the meal and then serving up and entire plate of beige or brownish-orangish colored food. Yeesh!)  But what I’m saying is…as long as you are together…it’s okay to do this:


Yes.  That is a skillet..with broccoli, accompanied by a hand-microwaved Dino nugget with a chick-fila tangy secret-sauce  demi-glaze reduction on the side.  Yes, it’s in the original dipping container because I’m trying to reduce my garbage footprint but mostly, I’m avoiding the use of a plate at all costs.

Rock “cereal night” for breakfast.  Or ,Tortilla chips as affectionally described in my last Friday Funny.  The point is, the kids just enjoy being with you and quite frankly, they think you’re kind of like “awesome parent” when you do this every now and then.  It’s freeing for them too!

3.  Say no to “doing the school project yourself.”  You can do it.  No.  Really.  You can.  You’ll probably want to grab a really interesting book or binge-watch a Netflix series while your child is putting together their next science project or tri-fold describing the water evaporation cycle; but even if you have to sit on your hands and tape your mouth shut….let the child create something on their own.  Refresh the tape dispenser? Sure. Buy the supplies?  Fine.  (Ahem, craft kits from Etsy was NOT what I am referring to by the way.)  But parents…we’ve already gone to school once before and I’m sorry that the education system has evolved and you never got to make a 3D atom diagram but it doesn’t mean it’s your turn now.  Trust me… this is the same process as letting your pre-schooler dress themselves.  How will they know if we don’t let them learn?  You’ll enjoy more sleep the week before it’s due if you try this method anyway.

Screen Shot 2016-09-30 at 1.34.36 PM.png

Just sayin’ people.  (Photo creds go to: Huffington Post)

So here’s the truth.  Not only are these 3 wildly rebellious moves on your part going to free you up from some of the monotony, they probably are going to result in more independent kids.  Lets face it, I love my little nuggets to the moon and back…but I also know I’ll have done a great job when they want suitcases for their 18th birthday, right?

Let’s take this topic out to the audience…what “drop the mic” moves have added a slice of sanity back to your parenting pie?  Comment below and be sure to subscribe to this site so you never miss a post (I mean, what wisdom you might lose out on…seriously!) PLUS you get a free download of my “10 truths” for free!  (Maybe with a few more drop the mic tips left by my readers, I’ll have even more free time to work on some more freebies for you too!)


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