One thing you MUST know about “meantimes”


Sometimes it’s hard when a door of opportunity shuts unexpectedly, or at least in a way we didn’t didn’t see coming. Sometimes the sound of the door can even hurt or sting for some time. Some of us may sit and stare at the door for too long, hoping it opens again. Others may spend precious energy trying to force it open.  Although we can’t always plan the timing, shut doors force us to take a step of faith in search of the next doorway where an even better, bigger opportunity awaits.

When a door shuts you must decide if you are going to sit and stare at the closed door or turn around and head down the hallway. Rarely in life are two doors right next to each other, which means the hallway is inevitable. It can be dark, unfamiliar… Short or long… But it MUST be a part of the journey.

The hallway marks the meantime…

A point of no return in committing to finding a new doorway in which to seek out, knock or nudge open. Only your path will dictate how long the hallway is… But don’t try and think you can skip it; the hallway is your middle ground.

It is your refining, reflecting,
Re-equipping for the next doorway. Short-changing this time only short-changes the true potential of what lies ahead!  This period of meantime may leave you stumbling in dark for a bit… you might be cautious, unsure of your footing but take comfort in knowing that this step is necessary, crucial and a must to prepare you for what is next.

Too often we want to just find a trap door and escape this process.  It’s messy.  It’s soul searching stuff.  It’s definitely a time of feeling vulnerable.  Pastor Judah Smith’s dad used to say that “faith is a bit like walking in thick fog….every now and then God lifts it so you can see where you are going” but it’s never long enough to feel comfortable.  That’s the beautiful dance of faith… we wouldn’t need it if we could do it on our own.

Again, no one’s meantime is the same; some hallways are longer, darker, shorter, brighter etc.  One thing is for certain… if you are willing to make use of the meantime, God’s plan is for you never to have to go back to that shut door.  There is always abundantly more at the next doorway than we could ever think or imagine.



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