There once was a girl who said whatever was on her mind….

Hey there.  Welcome to my head, on paper.  I’m glad you could stop by.  You may want to grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time.  The good news is I have no way of knowing when you actually this so you could really grab either and I won’t know.

If we’re just connecting then you wouldn’t have known I haven’t published in over 3 years but to those who were brave enough to take the journey with me for those couple of years, welcome back and thanks for reconnecting.

If I have just 30 more seconds with you and you don’t want to jump to the “about” page then let me give you my short sales pitch.  I’m writing to serve as a voice to other women out there and shout (from a keyboard) things like:

“You are not alone.”  “You are going to make it.”  “God has an amazing plan for your life.”  “It’s okay to say it’s hard right now.”  “Yes, God still loves you when you say today sucks.”  “You are amazing.”  “Get your shine on.”  “Yes, I pee my pants when I laugh too hard.”  “Yep, mess it up every day.”  “Women can change the world.”  “You be you….everyone else is taken.” “Don’t hide your story!”

I believe stories can change the world.

I believe we were all created with such a uniqueness that tends to get squelched and is killing our culture, our churches and our communities….

I’m a Pastor’s wife, raise 3 amazing STRONG boys, a Realtor by trade and have nearly perfected the art of inserting my foot in my mouth.  You see “nearly,” right?  I definitely say what I think, CRAVE authenticity but still have that little-girl feeling of wanting to be loved and accepted by a great tribe of women.  I love to speak to anyone who will listen about these topics which works out great because I’m the poster child of what not to do most of the time, making it easy to find topics in which to speak on.

So let’s do this together, shall we?  God didn’t create us to go at this life by ourselves.  (Although I’ll admit, sometimes I pretend to be in the bathroom just so I can get a bit of alone time.  And if you are a mom, you know you do too.  Let’s just get level with one another on the first post.)  In reality, we can’t deal with our junk if we keep it stuffed down inside.

So who’s in it with me?  This blog is like taking your spanx off…. what friggin’ freedom there is when we get to finally breathe and be who we were created to be!

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